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"...slinky dance beats, Beach Boys-like group-vocal harmonies and touches of many styles..."
-- Jay Lustig The Star Ledger


"...experimental electronic geniuses..."
-- The Aquarian Magazine

"A contemporary sound tempered with a layer of 70's fusion." --NJPAC sounds of the city festival

"From the first torso gyrations to the last guitar lick, New Jersey's THING ONE was tons of fun. The band opened with the self-explanatory "Move It," which featured a thumping beat and an equally effective title shout. The next song's broke up its catchy chorus - "I'm living the American Dream" - with a stream of consciousness spoken interlude describing the equally red-white-and-blue corporate experience. The band wasn't all dance-punk; they were just as stirring when they slowed things down, as on "The Kid With The Pointy Shoes," which really showed off the singer's croon. This was one of the strongest openers I've seen."



"...a young 5 piece band with a certain flair for the dance-matic... this is soulful indie-pop with some zip on it..."   -- Oh My Rockness


"It is rare to listen to a band develop over time and still remain true to their initial ideas. Thing-One has the atypical ability to challenge themselves and their listeners without alienating what original fans loved about the band. Someone with more money than I needs to get this band on a label and have them tour the world, for this talent is too good to keep to ourselves on the East Coast."
-- Rich Quinlan Jersey Beat Magazine

"Rising out of the swamps of New Jersey, this group of childhood best friends are dead set on changing how you see dance-rock. From the first second of "Ridiculous Speed EP," which comes in the form of the explosive "Move It!" (CMJ Song of the Week in October '07), Thing One grabs a hold of your collar and drags your ass out on the dance floor. But unlike hardcore bootyshakers like !!! and The Rapture, Thing One mixes their dance-rock with interesting lyrics and vocal melodies that pack a powerful emotional punch, and have much more in common with acts like The Dismemberment Plan. Thing One and their all too brief five track EP are not just an alcohol soaked party, although I feel if asked they wouldn't mind it now and again, it is more complex than that. Deep as the Grand Canyon and as fun as any dance party, Thing One are simply dynamite. A required listen."
-- DB, The Deli Magazine

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